Vaginal dryness: it’s not inevitable!

“A constant burning sensation and vaginal itching disrupt my everyday life and my sexual relations. I’m embarrassed to talk about it. What can I do?”

The gynaecologist/intimate rejuvenation specialist’s answer:

Redness, itching, irritation of the external genital organs, internal inflammation, painful sexual intercourse: these symptoms are characteristic of vaginal dryness and can appear at different times in a woman’s life. The main causes? Oestrogens that orchestrate natural tissue hydration. When the level of these hormones drops, as is the case after giving birth, in particular if the mother breastfeeds, or during the menopause, the conditions become favourable to the appearance of vaginal dryness.

Despite the frequency of this discomfort, which concerns 50% of menopausal women according to surveys, the subject remains taboo. Women are ashamed to mention it, they do not know from whom to ask advice and they suffer in silence.

It is time for scientific information to be circulated to let people know that simple medical solutions exist, confirmed by numerous clinical studies. Women must be convinced that dryness is not inevitable. They can talk about it with confidence to a gynaecologist or an intimate rejuvenation specialist and request a treatment.

This specialist represents the key contact person for informed listening and effective treatment. They now have reliable and proven, modern aesthetic medicine techniques specifically tailored to women’s intimate areas. Thanks to these scientific advances, innovative and high-performance protocols – radiofrequency, hyaluronic acid injection, topical products – can rehydrate the vaginal tissue and considerably improve quality of life. Rapidly and lastingly, in complete safety, pain-free, without any invasive techniques, without taking medication.”

The solution?

Before suggesting a treatment, the doctor will confirm the intimate dryness diagnosis by taking a thorough medical history, followed by a clinical and gynaecological exam. If the patient does not present any contraindications, such as an active urinary infection or a herpes flare-up, the appropriate SOS dryness protocol may immediately begin.

1st stage: Inflammatory symptoms prevail: swollen, red and painful vulva.

The solution: The NEAUVIA Rejuvenation Rose Gel Protocol

2nd stage: It is primarily characterised by a loss of volume (also described by the term atrophy), skin is less firm and has lost elasticity. The labia majora and minora are flattened.

The solution: The NEAUVIA Intense Rose Protocol

3rd stage: it is characterised by both inflammatory symptoms and loss of volume or atrophy. Female genital organs that have become slack over time lead to both aesthetic and functional problems, including repeated infections, stress urinary incontinence and reduced sensation during sexual intercourse.

The solution: The NEAUVIA #Nrose Protocol

NEAUVIA advice*:

A few simple measures can prevent the occurrence of vaginal dryness:

  • Prioritise underwear made of a soft, natural material such as cotton
  • Wash with gentle products and avoid vaginal douches
    Do not let dryness take hold, telling yourself “It’s in my head” or “It’s normal”. If this dysfunction were to become chronic, it could create repeated disabling infections that are dangerous for health.
  • See a doctor as quickly as possible in the event of discomfort, itching and pain during sexual intercourse.

*This general advice does not, under any circumstances, replace a medical opinion. Ask your doctor for advice.

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