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The smart disinfection System of Npure*, is using dry fog – ultra fine atomization technology – to ensure effective clinics and worksplaces sterilization.
Designed to disinfect every kind of area in a short time – 2 minutes of working time for an area of 25 square meters (75 cubic metres) and with a very small amount of fluid aerosol, this High-Tech device sprays a dedicated sanitizing cosmetic fluid – #Npower -in ultra-fine particles.

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> The 360° rotating nozzle of NPURE allows the device to cover homogeneously all the area and surfaces, adjusting the precise dose of liquid depending on the size of the room.

> Easier to set up than Ozon or Ultra-violet disinfection – no special environment conditions- NPure completely inactivates all the microbial agents.

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#Npower is the dedicated expert sanitizing cosmetic fluid specifically designed to work synergistically with NPURE. With proven efficacy (tested) and protected by the RfiD system, #Npower is based on:

> hydrogen peroxide (4,5%)

> silver ions (from 3 to 10mg per liter)

> lactic acid (0,5-1,0%) properties

The solution, thanks to the hydrogen peroxide action, reaches and kills the internal part of the virus through the cellular walls lysis without phylogenic moisturizing effect.

*These class: IIb for Sectum, IIa for Zaffiro, IIb for Plasma IQ , Medical Devices are regulated health products which bear, under this regulation, the CE mark. Manufacturer: B&K, Domaniewska 37, Warsaw, Poland. Please carefully read the instructions in instruction for use. The use of these products requires the intervention of a healthcare professional.

Regulations and usage conditions for products vary from market to market and the content on this page is not intended for US or Canadian audiences. This website is designed for informational purpose only. This information is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice or recommendations from healthcare professionals. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified healthcare provider.

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