Hair assist booster

Enhancement System

Formulated with KERANAT®

HAIR ASSIST BOOSTER acts directly on the dermal papilla – the biological engine of hair, in order to stimulate cell division and growth factors.

Its positive impact on hair’s beauty and condition – healthy looking, volume thickness, shine and silkiness – is confirmed by dermatologists.

  • Key ingredients

    KERANAT® - Encapsulated Miliacin(Millet oil –Wheat extract) Zinc, Vitamin B6 Biotin

  • Volume

    20 capsules per box

  • Use

    1 capsule per day, a 3 months cure is recommended

Hair assist booster

Designed To

  • to target hair loss reduction, improving overall hair health and beauty
  • to complement an hair loss reduction or hair revitalizing aesthetic protocol, supporting hair regeneration process

Hair assist booster


Hair Assist Booster invigorates the scalp with a double action mechanism -HAIR LOSS REDUCTION & HAIR BOOST (volume, thickness, shine and silkiness):
> it Acts directly on the dermal papilla -the biological engine of hair in order to stimulate cell division and growth factors excretion that maintain the hair in its growth phase.
> Its efficacy in hair loss reduction, hair’s beauty and condition have been demonstrated by two clinical randomized double-blind placebo controlled studies, confirmed by dermatologists’ evaluations and self-assessment questionnaires.

Hair assist booster

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