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#NLIFT is the only comprehensive aesthetic program for targeting both volume and skin revitalization, correcting aging signs and supporting its natural vitality.*

Enter now your comprehensive program for superior regeneration results*.

Discover a new way to take care of yourself in clinics!

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Aesthetics must be holistic

To turn holistic approach into aesthetics reality, Neauvia Research designed #Nlift specific program that synergistically treat the different skin layers, to achieve clinically proven superior results.

In 2 sessions, 1 week apart, and through a combined protocol including Neauvia Fillers, devices treatment, and cosmeceuticals, #Nlift allows to achieve the desired results in terms of volume and skin revitalization.

The science behind

+101% fibroblasts after 21 days! *

*In-vivo clinical trial performed by an independent laboratory: markers of inflammation and markers of regenerations measures performed on the dermis. Nicola Zerbinati, Hassan Ibrahim Galadari, Paweł Kubik, Sergey Ivanov, Neauvia Symposium - Holistic approach in treating mid-face. Neauvia Smart Combination Therapy (SCT) - IMCAS Paris 2020.

Fibroblasts are the skin cells that produce skin fibers, ensuring skin firmness and elasticity and with age, their amount and activity decreases.

#Nlift counters this effect by supporting regeneration in a holistic way: your skin recovers its structure, becoming firmer, volumes are restored with lifted facial contours and an optimized skin texture.

Experience it to feel the real difference compared to your usual treatment: you will not believe it!

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Daily supports collagenesis and protects.


Reinforces, rebalances and smoothes.

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