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Who we are

Neauvia Company

Established in 2012 as a scientifically-based medical aesthetics company, Neauvia has evolved into a vibrant, high-growth multinational corporation.

Today part of the Matex Lab group, NEAUVIA has production sites and subsidiaries in Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, Germany, UK and US.

Neauvia products are today distributed in more than 80 countries worldwide.

who we are


NEAUVIA aims to provide a disruptive approach and products to the aesthetic market, always supported by sciences and clinical data and by developing an iconic brand appealing to consumers.


who we are

neauvia holistic vision and approach

Taking control of the aging process needs the combination of the best of all sciences to make a difference.

To achieve this goal, Neauvia has developed comprehensive protocols, supported by clinical data, that combine rejuvenation therapies and grant clinically proven superior results.
This has been possible thanks to the in-house portfolio of products developed to work synergistically with each other and organically with the body.

Based on a unique expertisein integrative pro-aging medicine, Neauvia’s Smart Combination Therapies utilizing fillers, innovative energy technologies, professional skin care products and food supplements allow practitioners to achieve optimal treatment results and unsurpassed patient satisfaction: that’s NEAUVIA HOLISTIC APPROACH.




the peg revolution in ha filler market

Neauvia HA fillers* are based on a unique cross linker technology SMART CROSSLINKING TECHNOLOGY – with PEG, that gives our products a high safety and tolerability profile and that allows our fillers to perfectly integrate into the various anatomical planes. Every filler in our line has been meticulously engineered to provide a specific rheology for precise treatment of a wide variety of individualized aesthetic needs.



*These class III medical devices are regulated health products which bear, under this regulation, the CE marking. Manufacturer: MATEX LAB SPA, 2 via Carlo Urbani Brindisi​, Italy. Please carefully read the instructions in the leaflets. The use of these products requires the intervention of a healthcare professional.

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made for neauvia smart combination approach

Neauvia also provides an electro-based range of products** for the aesthetic and surgical markets. Our technologies are characterized by sleek, modern design and advanced electro-medical engineering in related fields such as electrosurgical, radiofrequency treatment, thermal lifting, skin photobiostimulation and cosmetology.




**These class:  IIb  for Sectum, IIa for Zaffiro, IIb for Plasma IQ , Medical Devices  are regulated health products which bear, under this regulation, the CE mark. Manufacturer: B&K, Domaniewska 37, Warsaw, Poland. Please carefully read the instructions in the leaflets. The use of these products requires the intervention of a healthcare professional.

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Aesthetic Cosmeceuticals

to be combined with neauvia aesthetic treatments

Neauvia Aesthetic Cosmeceuticals* are exceptional solutions with scientifically proven efficacy** designed by doctors for aesthetic medicine specialists to complete the action of aesthetic treatments.

This range of cosmeceuticals aims to be as effective as gentle for the skin and targets even the most demanding skin concerns in order to restore the balance and accelerate renewal of the skin.


*Neauvia Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products according to Regulation.

** In-vitro and ex vivo tests conducted byt the independent Laborato

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enhancement system

a step further in integrative aesthetics


NEAUVIA ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM is designed to support NEAUVIA Smart Combination Therapy protocols, helping to enhance results from the inside out. Using the latest generation of ingredients, there are expert and synergistic formulas targeting skin, hair and body, and providing additional daily solutions to patients.

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who we are

quality and safety

Quality and safety – paramount to all we do – are achieved through the use of the highest-grade raw materials and the most advanced manufacturing technology in the world.

Neauvia controls all product development and production to ensure our stringent standards are met.

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