“In modern aesthetics, we focus on providing our patients with safe and comprehensive solutions that not only reverse the signs of aging, but also provide preventive action. Neauvia SCT is a breakthrough in the holistic approach to the signs of aging. Thanks to the combination of technology, Neauvia fillers and home care products designed from the very beginning for mutual cooperation, we can meet the expectations of our patients with unprecedented efficiency and safety.”

Dr. Paweł Kubik

Aesthetic Physician – Poland

“Neauvia is a great company ! I love their spirit; their products answer un-answered needs we had in facial aesthetics and their teaching goals are well-done and commendable. I am happy they appeared in our field.”

Dr. Nelly Gauthier

Aesthetic Physician - France

“Neauvia brings to the aesthetic medecine of the XXIst century not only safety thanks to the PEG disruptive technology, but also different and useful tools with proven clinical results developed to help the physicians to enhance the beauty of their patients acting on the two most important ageing factors: hydration and collagen induction.”

Dr. Javier Anido

Aesthetic Physician - Spain

Neauvia brings us “A New Way” to take control of the aging process in the most effective way. The holistic and synergistic approach which supported by the best of all sciences and technologies. Neauvia SCT/SXT/SDT changes the future of aesthetics by developing the comprehensive protocols that combine different rejuvenation treatments with clinically proven optimal results.

In other words, what makes Neauvia unique and second to none is the specific properties of Neauvia PEG-HA and the in house portfolio of products-fillers/devices/cosmetics-developed to work synergistically with each other and organically with the body. 



Dr Roya Zarmehr Zamin

Aesthetic Physician – Iran / Dubai

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