4 October 2017


NEAUVIA operates with expertise in the areas of injectable, such as dermal fillers and biorevitalizers; anti-aging and lenitive creams; tissue regeneration systems and healing serums with sterile masks – both for woman and man – and has quickly established itself as a reference brand for professionals in aesthetic medicine.

The core business of the company consists of a range of fillers, NEAUVIA ORGANIC, PEG crosslinked – an outstanding new technology able to give the products a high safety and tolerability profile.

Each reference of the filler line has a specific rheology, due to the particular chemical geometry and the polymeric technology, to be effective and perfectly integrated in different anatomical planes.

The high viscoelasticity and cohesivity of Neauvia INTENSE LINE promote an important tissue bio-integration of the medium and deep planes together with a high lifting power and a long-lasting effect.

The polymeric 3D architecture containing CaHA of Neauvia STIMULATE LINE shows a scaffold-like action promoting a slow release of the microparticles, blocked in the hydrogel clusters, thereby activating the fibroblastic components at the metabolic level.

The range is completed with a CaHA suspension in a linear hyaluronic acid filler with high viscosity for superficial correction and stimulation: the HYDRODELUXE LINE.

Neauvia stands for innovation and safety and the high quality standards are guaranteed by the use of the highest quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing technology.
Additionally, thanks to its wide portfolio of products, Neauvia is able to satisfy the need of the most demanding doctors and patients.


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