21 September 2018


On the 17th and the 18th Neauvia organized an Advance Cadaver lab, for an international panel of Aesthetic Specialists.

Cadaver dissection has been an essential part of medical education for centuries and has been consistently utilized to teach anatomy to medical students and practitioners. 

As a matter of fact, cadaver dissection for anatomy training provides an important opportunity to understand the precise nature of human tissues with their clinical and structural relationships.

Being aware of this, Neauvia organizes exclusive Cadaver Labs for its doctors as valuable educational tool for the understanding of facial anatomy and to promote safe patient outcomes after the nonsurgical aesthetic treatment.

During Neauvia Cadaver Labs, highly-specialised professionals in the field of anatomy, histology, dermatology, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, analyse in deep the clinical anatomy of the face with practical implications in fillers injection techniques.

On this occasion, the internationally recognized Specialists share their personal techniques and advanced tips and tricks in injection techniques, granting full knowledge of the anatomical criticalities to be observed in injection techniques with latest-generation fillers.

This is done through dissection on fresh corpses of the various anatomical layers of the upper, middle and lower middle third of the face.

Together with this, dedicated tutors help the participants to choose the proper materials in accordance with the anatomical sites and the morphological criticalities.

This lead participants to develop their professional competencies, to enhance their practical skills and allow to develop increasingly effective and safe injective techniques.

“We are very proud of our Cadaver Labs” said Professor Nicola Zerbinati, Scientific Director of Neauvia “and of the opportunity we give to the Doctors that work with Neauvia to improve their practical skills: educational, I think is one of the Neauvia missions”.

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