23 August 2018


It’s with a great honour, we announce that Neauvia filler INTENSE FLUX is one of the winners of Cosmopolitan Prix de Beauté 2018, in Poland.The competition has a long term tradition in the world and the prize is one of the of the most prestigious awards, in the cosmetic sector, in nations like Germany, Austria and Switzerland, on the European market.

Among several categories of products in the cosmetic field, a selected jury rewarded the most innovative and important proposals for the 2018 and Intense Flux was chosen as winner in the category “Newcomer of the year”.

Characterized by low viscoelasticity and high biointegration, the HA dermal filler Intense Flux is a multi-task filler to be used in different anatomical areas.

Its high concentration of HA and low viscoelasticity grant fantastic volumetric results, shaping the injected area in the natural way. Additionally, thanks to the balanced crosslinking degree, it is highly adaptive to the tissue which helps to volumize the anatomic area.

Perfect for deep tissue restoration of volume in moderate and strongly aged skin, Intense Flux is suitable for injection into the intradermal layer. Thanks to its viscoelastic properties, this product can correct areas of different consistency: naso-labial folds filling, lips augmentation, face contours lifting, chin and cheek modelling.

To discover more on INTENSE FLUX click here

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