26 February 2018

IMCAS 2018: Thank You To Everyone for Participating!

Thanks for joining us in Paris for IMCAS 2018, the international conference about aesthetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology.
We appreciated the large number of visitors who took the time and effort to join us at our booth, the several physicians who attended NEAUVIA SYMPOSIUM and all Neauvia local distributors who took part in the annual meeting NEW ART AESTHETICS.
We were thrilled by the attendance we had!

With the help of a great panel of speakers, we put together one of the best programs Neauvia has ever scheduled.
Neauvia’s primary goal was to hold in Paris an event that was both informative and practical. Therefore, in addition to sharing up-to-the-minute knowledge of Neauvia fillers and cosmeceuticals, it was also provided the opportunity to discuss needs that will help Neauvia work together with its partners: distributors and doctors coming from all over the world.
Everyone contributed to the smooth run of the event that has been a true success.

Stay tuned for Neauvia next appointment:
– AMWC 2018 – MONTE CARLO (Monaco) 5, 6, 7th of April 2018

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