26 March 2018


amwc 2018

For the second year Neauvia filler Hydro Deluxe have been awarded with the prestigious PEARL of Aesthetic Dermatology, by the Polish Society of Aesthetic Dermatologists, in the category “Complete skin renewal”.

Hydro Deluxe is a soft treatment for face and body with 18 mg/ml of pure hyaluronic acid which allows to obtain very good results, noticeable from the first treatment in terms of crow’s feet reduction, neck and shoulders regeneration; elbows and knees regeneration; stretch marks reduction and hands rejuvenation.

Additionally, it is enriched with 0,01% of calcium hydroxyapatite and two amino acids, Glycine and L-Proline – that are main ingredients of collagen. This unique composition activates and supports natural processes of collagen production, thanks to which skin becomes thicker and firmer.

Hydro Deluxe is ideal for bio-revitalization of delicate areas around the eyes and neck and for hands rejuvenation and in 4 to 5 sessions, it is able to make skin glowing with a redensification of the tissues and collagen production.

A series of 4 treatments with 3-week intervals between all treatments should be performed to achieve optimal results.
At the end of the series, in order to maintain results, it is worth offering to the patient a follow-up treatment scheduled for half a year later.

It’s always a great validation to win an award and we are very grateful for the support we got both from the Polish Society of Aesthetic Dermatologists, that named Hydro Deluxe for the 2017 award edition, and our customers who believe in our brand and daily use Neauvia products.

Winning this award was a great boost on keeping us focused on our future projects to bring on market something even more unique!

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