26 February 2018

Education and Training with Neauvia Science Institute

With the aim of promoting safe aesthetic practice among medical professionals, Neauvia Science Institute organized in January an International Cadaver Training at the POZNAŃ LAB Instytut Medycyny Praktycznej (Poland).

The course was led by eminent professor of Dermatology and Venereology Nicola Zerbinati and set up with the cooperation of the University of Insubria (Italy), Department of Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive. Moreover some theoretical aspects were deepened by international well-known key opinion leaders in the field of aesthetic medicine: Dr. Gabriele Fornasari, Dr. Marina Protasoni, Professor Alberto Calligaro and Professor Alberto Passi.

Cadaver skills learning courses help physicians to provide the highest quality patient care; they are recognised as one of the best ways to impart training before practicing on a live patient.

For this reason Neauvia International Cadaver Trainings are always organized as high level training events. They allow participants to improve their skills in safe injection techniques and to understand how to select the best Neauvia filler according to the anatomical area. Each training covers different areas of study: anatomy, histopathology, dermatology, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in facial anatomy and injection fillers.

Dedicated to all the doctors partners of Neauvia and engaged in the field of aesthetics medicine, Neauvia Science Institute will schedule other trainings during the year. Follow us on social media and check the news feed on this website.

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