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  • Photo of Dr Luciano Perrone Neauvia expert
    Dr Luciano Perrone Aesthetic Surgeon Italy

    An Italian born surgeon, Dr. Luciano Perrone graduated in Rome, is specialised in Aesthetic Surgery and passionate about Aesthetic Medicine.

    For the past 10 years Dr. Perrone has been a resident in the UK where he has been practicing his profession following his training in aesthetic surgery in Argentina.

    Founder and medical director of the Dr Perón Medical Center in Parma (Italy). 
    Member of AICPE, AITEB, FIME.

  • Photo of Dr. Luca Pagni.
    Dr. Luca Pagni. Master in Aesthetic Surgery, University of Milan Italy

    Graduate of the School of Aesthetic Medicine, Milan

    Dr Pagni has been a member of various Scientific Societies (Aslms, amiest, sicpre, etc) and a consultant for various companies (Merz, Palomar, Solta, etc).

    He has been involved in Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Treatments for 25 years.

  • Photo of Dr. Bianca Diffidenti
    Dr. Bianca Diffidenti Doctor in aesthetic medicine Italy

    Professor and theacher in second-level masters for the unicam and torvergate universities

    Didactic director of ICAMP college

    Chairman of the Scientific Committee for Amei

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