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Hydro Deluxe Man

Hydro Deluxe Man

Neauvia Organic Hydro Deluxe Man contains 18 mg/ml of pure hyaluronic acid derived from Bacillus subtilis. Such high concentration allows to obtain very good results noticeable from the first treatment. In addition, Neauvia Organic Hydro Deluxe Man is enriched with 0,01% of calcium hydroxyapatite and two amino acids. In addition to hyaluronic acid it contains amino acids - Glycine and L-Proline - that are main ingredients of collagen. This unique composition activates and supports natural processes of collagen production, thanks to which skin becomes thicker and firmer.

A series of 4 treatments with 3 week intervals between all treatments should be performed to achieve optimal results. At the end of the series, in order to maintain results, it is worth offering to a patient a follow-up treatment scheduled for half a year later. 

Hydro deluxe man benefits

High concentration of HA for great hydration
Improvement in skin density level thanks to hydroxyapatite
Regeneration, superficial wrinkles correction
Visibly results in quality of the skin
Ultra-safe profile thanks to Bacillus subtilis


18 mg/ml of HA, non cross-linked


2 x 2,5 ml, 2 x 1 ml 


Hydration, revitalization
collagen stimulation


0,01% of CaHA
Glycine and L-Proline 


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