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In presence of a very interested and enthusiastic international audience, the first Neauvia K.O.L. advanced training course hosted in Pavia (Italy) at the CMP, Centro Medico Polispecialistico.

The event focused on real-time training of physicians and included a question and answer session. It was held by an impressive panel of 14 speakers: Dr. Nicola Zerbinati, Dr. Damiano Monticelli, Dr. Giovanna Cipolla, Professor Alberto Calligaro, Roberto Mocchi, Professor Alberto Passi, Dr. Marina Protasoni, Dr. Mario Cherubino, Dr. Gabriele Fornasari, Dr. Edoardo D’Este, Dr. Laura Balint and Dr. Mauro Castiglioni.

Some of the main topics discussed were chemical evidences, chemical pharmacological aspects, histologic and biochemical aspects. More than 40 doctors and 10 distributor, coming from all over the world, attended this interactive course with great interest and participation. It was the perfect occasion to study and intensively discuss both Neauvia fillers and cosmeceuticals.

This training session of Academy Neauvia - dedicated to enhancing the knowledge, skills and expertise of the physicians who choose Neauvia products for their patients - was organized by the Scientific Institute Neauvia, created to gather several well-known specialists from different nations and that is involved in the scientific information and research of the aesthetic medicine field.


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