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Injectable medical devices are products that are in direct contact with the patient’s skin and mucosa for extended periods of time.

The complete absence of systemic and, first and foremost, direct cellular toxicity is the essential requirement for a filler that is implanted in the skin and remains there for 8 months (on average).

For this reason in particular, in order to exclude even the lowest of cytotoxic effects, increasingly sensitive cytotoxicity assays are needed - which means performing in vitro tests using immortalised human keratinocytes as cell line.

Cytotoxicity can be assessed with the MTT test, which relies on mitochondrial activity. The test, originally developed by Mosman in 1983, is simple, accurate and yields reproducible results (Mosman, 1983). The MTT test is based on the principle that, in most viable cells, mitochondrial activity is constant, so an increase or decrease in the number of cells is directly proportional to mitochondrial activity. Viable cells convert MTT tetrazolium salts into formazan crystals, which can be solubilised in dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) for homogeneous spectrophotometric measurement. Therefore any change in the number of viable cells can be detected by measuring the optical density of formazan at 570 nm.

NEAUVIA STIMULATE Hydrogel 26 mg of HA with 1 % hydroxyapatite has shown complete absence of cytotoxicity at various concentrations, even ones higher than the normal concentration used for clinical purposes.

NEAUVIA STIMULATE is a "hybrid" filler, new, safe and reversible, which concentrates in a single product both the tissue filling functions of a filler and the collagen production of particle fillers, which already have successfully been on the market for years. The amount of collagen produced by NEAUVIA STIMULATE is comparable to particle fillers, without having the problem of being irreversibile. NEAUVIA STIMULATE is recommended for interventions on hands, cheeks, nasoslabial and jaw area, and the aesthetic corrections last approximately 12 months.

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21-22 October 2016: NEAUVIA will take part in AMEC 2016, the 12th Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine European Congress, that will be held at the Palais des Congres in Paris.

AMEC, organized by EuroMediCom and Informa Exhibitions, is considered the largest and most interactive Aesthetic live show in Europe and it is founded on a multispecialty approach for aesthetic practice and a multidisciplinary approach for preventive and anti-aging medicine.

NEAUVIA will be present at this important appointment with a 30 sqm booth where it will be possible to discover and test all the products of its range, fillers and cosmeceuticals.

Special attention will be given to STIMULATE range: the first, dual use, hybrid filler in the world with hyaluronic acid of natural origin and micro-molecules of hydroxyapatite calcium.

On the 21st of October at 16.30, in addition, the workshop “The newest technology serving aesthetic medicine: NEAUVIA Organic fillers portfolio” will take place under the scientific direction of Professor Zerbinati, specialist in Dermatology.

In this occasion, with a live injection demonstration, will be held a sessions relating to effective and safe anti-ageing of NEAUVIA range, the new 2nd generation of HA fillers.



21-22 October 2016

Booth E 23



21st of October 2016

16.30 – 18.30

Room 252 A

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The Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC) Eastern Europe is entering its fourth successful year as a leading event for Russia’s anti-aging professionals. It attracts great interest from international exhibitors, due to the extremely high calibre of specialists attending.

Congress brings together experts in dermatology, regenerative and prophylactic medicine from Moscow and the regions. Neauvia Organic product line finally arrived in Russian Federation and willl be presented during the Congress with a booth and 1-hour Workshop.

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The Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SIME) on the occasion of the 37th National Congress, will have the honor to host the 11th European Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, with the insights of scientific experiences of renowned experts and international opinion leaders.

As usual, the event will take place at the prestigious setting of the Congress Centre Rome Cavalieri - Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts in Rome, where there will be the conference sessions of high scientific value, with over 440 speakers communications from more than 20 countries. Neauvia Organic is sponsor of the Congress, will be presented with a italians speakers and a booth (Area Expo, booth n°94).

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Neauvia will be present at AMWC 2016, 14th Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Montecarlo. 

Visit us at booth N1, in Ravel room, and attend our symposium “Neauvia Organic - The new 2nd generation of hyaluronic acid fillers”, on Saturday 2nd April - Genevoix Room. Speaker: Prof. Nicola Zerbinati

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