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IMCAS 2018: Thanks to everyone for participating!


Thanks for joining us in Paris for IMCAS 2018, the international conference about aesthetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology. We appreciated the large number of visitors who took the time and effort to join us at our booth, the several physicians who attended NEAUVIA SYMPOSIUM and all Neauvia local distributors who took part in the annual meeting NEW ART AESTHETICS.
We were thrilled by the attendance we had!

With the help of a great panel of speakers, we put together one of the best programs Neauvia has ever scheduled.
Neauvia’s primary goal was to hold in Paris an event that was both informative and practical. Therefore, in addition to sharing up-to-the-minute knowledge of Neauvia fillers and cosmeceuticals, it was also provided the opportunity to discuss needs that will help Neauvia work together with its partners: distributors and doctors coming from all over the world.
Everyone contributed to the smooth run of the event that has been a true success.

Stay tuned for Neauvia next appointment:

- AMWC 2018 - MONTE CARLO (Monaco) 5, 6, 7th of April 2018

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Education and Training with Neauvia Science Institute


With the aim of promoting safe aesthetic practice among medical professionals, Neauvia Science Institute organized in January an International Cadaver Training at the POZNAŃ LAB Instytut Medycyny Praktycznej (Poland).

The course was led by eminent professor of Dermatology and Venereology Nicola Zerbinati and set up with the cooperation of the University of Insubria (Italy), Department of Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive. Moreover some theoretical aspects were deepened by international well-known key opinion leaders in the field of aesthetic medicine: Dr. Gabriele Fornasari, Dr. Marina Protasoni, Professor Alberto Calligaro and Professor Alberto Passi.

Cadaver skills learning courses help physicians to provide the highest quality patient care; they are recognised as one of the best ways to impart training before practicing on a live patient.

For this reason Neauvia International Cadaver Trainings are always organized as high level training events. They allow participants to improve their skills in safe injection techniques and to understand how to select the best Neauvia filler according to the anatomical area. Each training covers different areas of study: anatomy, histopathology, dermatology, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in facial anatomy and injection fillers.

Dedicated to all the doctors partners of Neauvia and engaged in the field of aesthetics medicine, Neauvia Science Institute will schedule other trainings during the year. Follow us on social media and check the news feed on this website.



“The newly branded Neauvia lifting technique with Intense Flux: official presentation.” will be the main topic of Neauvia workshop organized on the 3rd of February, during Imcas 2018 in Paris.

On this occasion, internationally renowned Dr. Zerbinati - specialist in Dermatology and Venerology, Dr. Rauso and Dr. Salti - Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons - will share their experience on Neauvia lifting tecniques with Intense Flux filler: a new proposition for those who are looking for maximal easiness of use and optimal effect. 
Neauvia Intense Flux - caracterized by low viscoelasticity and high biointegration - gives fantastic volumetric results shaping the injected area in a natural way and, thanks to the balance crosslinking degree, it is highly adaptive to the tissue, helping to volumize anatomic areas of different consistency.

The workshop will take place from 12.00 to 13.00 in Room 10 and it will be held in English with a simultaneous translation into Russian.

An exclusive gift will be given to the first 100 participants at Neauvia workshop that will show the special coupon. 

To get the coupon visit Neauvia booth n°46 or download it by REGISTERING HERE.



Neauvia is proud to launch module 01 of the 2018 Neauvia Academy on the occasion of Imcas 2018.

On the 1st and 2nd of Februray, at Palais des Congrès in Paris, Neauvia will organize an advanced training course to enhance knowledge, skills and expertise of physicians who choose Neauvia products for their patients.
This two days training session, held by an impressive panel of speakers, will focus on intensive real-time training on a wide range of fundamental topics. 


It will be organized in stand-alone modules - in order to be able to follow either one module or the whole day - and it will held in English with a simultaneous translation into Russian.
A certificate of completion will be given to those attending the whole training day. 

The event is open to everybody even though places are limited.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW and book your seat!



For the second year in a row, Neauvia skin booster Hydro Deluxe have been awarded by the Polish Society of Aesthetic Dermatologists, with the prestigious a PEARL of Aesthetic Dermatology, in the category "Complete skin renewal".

Hydro Deluxe is a soft treatment for face and body with 18 mg/ml of pure hyaluronic acid which allows to obtain very good results, noticeable from the first treatment. Additionally, it is enriched with 0,01% of calcium hydroxyapatite and two amino acids, Glycine and L-Proline - that are main ingredients of collagen. This unique composition activates and supports natural processes of collagen production, thanks to which skin becomes thicker and firmer.
Hydro Deluxe is ideal for bio-revitalization of delicate areas around the eyes and neck and for hands rejuvenation and in 4 to 5 sessions, it is able to make skin glowing with a redensification of the tissues and collagen production.


It's always a great validation to win an award and we are very grateful for the support we got both from the Polish Society of Aesthetic Dermatologists, that named Hydro Deluxe for the 2017 award edition, and our customers, who believe in our brand and daily use Neauvia products.

Winning this award was a great boost on keeping us focused on our future projects to bring on market something even more unique!



From the 13th to 16th of November 2017, Neauvia will take part to MEDICA: the world's leading trade fair for the medical industry.

Medica - an appointment open to trade visitors only - is dedicated to medical and pharmaceuticals products, medical technology, electro medical and laboratory equipment and diagnostics. Held at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre, this event acts as a breeding ground of revolutionary ideas in medical care.

Neauvia will be present at this strategic appointment together with the biotech company Berger & Kraft, at Hall 9 Booth D36.

Here it will be possible to discover Neauvia complete range of HA fillers and post treatment cosmeceuticals and be informed on new medical devices.

See you there!



An important appointment for Neauvia will be the presence at Imcas 2018 that will take place in February, at the Palais des Congresses in Paris.

This Annual World Congress, in its twentieth edition, marks two decades of being at the forefront of multi-specialty conferences dedicated to aesthetic science and for Neauvia it will represent a key event for the coming year.

Neauvia will be present with a notable EXHIBITION SPACE at Booth 46, where it will be possible to discover its full range of new generation HA fillers and the wide post treatment skin care line, created to complete treatments and prolong the effects of filler therapy.

The NEAUVIA SYMPOSIUM will be held on Saturday 3rd February and it will be dedicated to enhancing the knowledge, skills and expertise of the physicians who choose Neauvia products for their patients.

In addition, on the occasion of Imcas, Neauvia will organize its annual meeting NEW ART AESTHETICS: a great occasion for the Brand to introduce the latest important news and strengthen the fundamental relationships with its partners, training of the international KOL and understanding of the long term and solid project behind Neauvia.

The full program will soon be available.

Palais des Congrès - Paris

1 - 3 February
Booth 46

3 February
12.00 - 13.00
Neauvia symposium

31 Jan - 2 Feb
10.00 - 19.00
Neauvia New Art Aesthetics



Education and continued professional development is key to running a successful aesthetics practice and for this reason Neauvia’s efforts aim at improving the practical skills of aesthetic medicine physicians.

On october 4th and 5th Neauvia Science Academy organized, in Poland, an International Cadaver Training that dealt with face anatomy.

The aim of Neauvia is not only to provide physicians with its innovative and safe fillers based on pure and organic hyaluronic acid but also to actively support the transfer of medical knowledge and improve the practical skills of its partners by creating a special professional educational event for them.

Set up with the cooperation of the University of Isubria (Italy), Department of Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive, the event was chaired by Nicola Zerbinati, professor of Dermatology and Venereology, and other international well known key opinion leaders in the field of aesthetic medicine: Dr. Gabriele Fornsari, Dr. Marina Protasoni, Professor Alberto Calligaro and Professor Alberto Passi.

The training covered different areas of study: anatomy, histopathology, dermatology, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in facial anatomy and injection fillers. Training allowed participants to improve their skills in safe injection techniques.

Neauvia Science Academy is dedicated to all the doctors partners of Neauvia and engaged in the field of aesthetics medicine.
Stay tuned for updates about the next trainings.



NEAUVIA operates with expertise in the areas of injectable, such as dermal fillers and biorevitalizers; anti-aging and lenitive creams; tissue regeneration systems and healing serums with sterile masks - both for woman and man - and has quickly established itself as a reference brand for professionals in aesthetic medicine.

The core business of the company consists of a range of fillers, NEAUVIA ORGANIC, PEG crosslinked - an outstanding new technology able to give the products a high safety and tolerability profile.

Each reference of the filler line has a specific rheology, due to the particular chemical geometry and the polymeric technology, to be effective and perfectly integrated in different anatomical planes.

The high viscoelasticity and cohesivity of Neauvia INTENSE LINE promote an important tissue bio-integration of the medium and deep planes together with a high lifting power and a long-lasting effect.

The polymeric 3D architecture containing CaHA of Neauvia STIMULATE LINE shows a scaffold-like action promoting a slow release of the microparticles, blocked in the hydrogel clusters, thereby activating the fibroblastic components at the metabolic level.

The range is completed with a CaHA suspension in a linear hyaluronic acid filler with high viscosity for superficial correction and stimulation: the HYDRODELUXE LINE.

Neauvia stands for innovation and safety and the high quality standards are guaranteed by the use of the highest quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing technology.
Additionally, thanks to its wide portfolio of products, Neauvia is able to satisfy the need of the most demanding doctors and patients.




We are more than thankful to the guests who attended Neauvia booth at AMEC - Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine European Congress - that for this edition 2017 dealt with the issue ‘’Excellence in Diversity’’. 

This Congress is one of the largest and most interactive aesthetic live show in Europe focusing on cutting-edge information with practical applications and the participation of internationally renewed experts and for Neauvia it has been an occasion to strengthen the fundamental relationships with its partners - distributors and doctors coming from all over the world - and to present the latest products and developments.

During the workshop “Neauvia Intense Flux, the universal injectable.”, Dr. Bartosz Pawlikowski - Dermatologist - presented and shared his experience on Intense Flux filler: a new proposition for those who are looking for maximal easiness of use and optimal effect. 

Additionally, Dr. Dorota Kowalczyk - Anaesthesiologist and specialist in Aesthetic Medicine - with an hands-on training session, demonstrated how Intense Flux, as a new class hydrogel, can be injected in all anatomical areas for global face correction.

Dr. Aleksandra Jagielska - Dermatologist - afterwards introduced “Neauvia Cosmeceutical line, fractionated HA for a revolutionary product interpenetration.”, the complete line of post-treatment products, developed to ensure a proper skin care after aesthetic medical procedures.

We are delighted from the big affluence which demonstrated the strong interest aroused by the topics covered and we are already working on new amazing projects.

Stay tuned for Neauvia next appointments:
IMCAS 2018 - PARIS (France) 1, 2 and 3rd of February 2018
AMWC 2018 - MONTE CARLO (Monaco) 5, 6, 7th of April 2018

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