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Ethnical features

Our ethnic origins influence the structure and appearance of our skin because our skin colour is determined by the density and the distribution of melanin.

All ethnic groups have a similar number of melanocytes in their skin. What differs between ethnicities is the level of melanocyte activity, combined with how the cells are made up and grouped together.

UV exposure: Even if white skin is more affected by UV exposure, all skin needs special care in the sun.

Pigmentation disorders: While skin of all colours can suffer from pigment disorders, they are most common and more of a concern for individuals of Asian, Hispanic or African origin.

Age spots: Sun induced age spots (solar lentigines) are more visible on Caucasian and Asian skin than on darker skins.

Acne: The differences are small, whilst all acne sufferers get spots, individuals of Asian and African origin get more inflammation than Caucasians.


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