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Calcium Hydroxyapatite supplement

The aging process gradually deprives skin not only of hyaluronic acid, but also of collagen; these precious substances, naturally produced by fibroblasts, are responsible for the skin’s density and flexibility. Reduction of the amount of these substances cause the appearance of wrinkles and aged skin. 

A solution that really prevents the aging process is a Neauvia filler with the unique combination of hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA), which is a naturally occurring mineral, safe for the human body that stimulates the process of neocollagenesis when placed in the skin. After application, the density and the elasticity of the skin are both improved, while obtaining the perfect volumetric effect from the HA and the best revitalizing effect from the CaHA.

Thanks to the small size and low concentration of CaHA molecules, Neauvia Stimulate fillers are extremely safe: CaHA particles are trapped in the polymer’s clusters during the manufacturing process thus preventing their migration.

During the natural degradation of the product, there is the release of small particles of CaHA (between 8 and 12 microns only), few at times, that have the right size to stimulate fibroblasts in producing not only collagen, but also elastin, glycosaminoglycans and hyaluronic acid.

The R&D team at Neauvia Organic gave birth to a unique filler worldwide, the first ever with a double action - Stimulate - (see page 20) which provides volumization and collagen production at the same time! It is easy to understand that doctors and patients will experience longer lasting aesthetical correction due to the combined action of HA and CaHA.

Medical reports have shown that these particular Neauvia fillers, combining HA with CaHA, have more collagen production than any other HA filler and comparable to dedicated collagen stimulation products.

The use of CaHA is not a new concept on the market, but Neauvia Organic Stimulate is different from the other products on the market because of:

  • The small sizes of CaHA particles which do not interfere with phagocytes activities
  • The CaHA molecules which are gradually released during the degradation of the implant, not all at once
  • The safe and optimal concentration of CaHA, which is able to provide excellent results without creating side effects. Higher concentrations of CaHA, without any controlled release during the time, may lead to the formation of macromolecules of CaHA that starts the immunological reaction and the formation of capsules and granulomas.


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